The Asociation of Clubs of rowing boats (ACT) was born the 2nd of july in 2003 with the agreement of the different Communities Goverments (Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia and Basque Country. The aim of this agreement was promote the sport discipline called rowing, which is part of the history of the villages at the north of the country. On July starts the Competición de la Asociación, the ACT, whose objectives are those:

-The league has to be competitive, gestionated by proffesionals and the 12 best rowing boats has to be on the league.

-Obtain more supporters and to achieve more mass media coverege.

-Design the competition in form of a regular league.

-Guarantee the estabilty of the teams in the league with a play off with teams of second league.

-Position the Liga San Miguel as a modern sport product which encourage the rowing, offering in summer a sport performance.

On 28th of september finished the first Liga ACT. It was a success for the competition, for the mass media and for the supporters. In the 2005, the ACT starts the year without the help of the Goverments but with the colaboration of some sponsors, Seguros Zurich and Relax. Is the first time for the competition with 18 regattas and it was retransmited by the ETB. In 2006, the Asociation improved again and has obtained the first principal sponsor, Cervezas San Miguel. Since then, the league was called Liga San Miguel.

In the 2nd of july of 2008, the Asociation celebrate his fifth anniversary. This year, the competition, Liga San Miguel, started in EXPO ZARAGOZA 2008 and Caja Madrid confirmas as a new sponsor. In 2011, the League started in Bourdeaux, and 2012 years season, the trophy of the season has gone to the new sponsor Mapfre and since 2013 the trophy has started calling CaixaBank Crown. This year, the season started in Barcelona as same as the year begining. In the 2014 year, the competition had 19 regattas and Hondarribia Orsa became the winner of the trophy.

In the 13th edition of San Miguel League, the season has started in Malaga and the league had 19 regattas again. NT2 Hondarribia was the winner of the trophy and Club Samertolameu losed the category.

Winners of Liga San Miguel - Corona CaixaBank:

  • 2003: SDR Astillero
  • 2004: Urdaibai Umpro Avia
  • 2005: SDR Astillero
  • 2006: Hondarribia Orsa
  • 2007: Urdaibai Umrpo Avia
  • 2008: Urdaibai Umpro Avia
  • 2009: SDR Castro
  • 2010: Urdaibai Umpro Avia
  • 2011: Kaiku Ambilamp
  • 2012: Kaiku Ambilamp
  • 2013: Kaiku Ambilamp
  • 2014: Hondarribia Orsa
  • 2015: NT2 Hondarribia
  • 2016: Urdaibai Avia
  • 2017: Urdaibai Avia
  • 2018: Urdaibai Avia
  • 2019: Orio Babyauto
  • 2020: Santurtzi Transportes y Grúas Aguado
  • 2021: Santurtzi Transportes y Grúas Aguado
  • 2022: Bermeo Urdaibai
  • 2023: Bermeo Urdaibai